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About Us

"The mission of is to provide a unique custom embroidered hi-quality polo style sport shirt."

A thread is only a tread until it is woven together with other treads is it transformed into something entirely different. For it’s that very transformation that we want to capture. Hopefully you too will agree that our effort to offer a unique shirt that is not only attractive by itself but when combined with an embroidered military service symbol and/or other option(s) does that transformation become miraculous. It’s also this combination that separates from other traditional sport shirt retailers military or otherwise.

Service & Product

To be able to offer one of our unique shirts to everyone we created a process whereby “Any and All Customers” can purchase a shirt that includes at our beginning price of just $25.98 plus tax, shipping & handling costs (where applicable).one of the branch service symbols, i.e. the Air Force Winged symbol, the Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor symbol, etc. For an additional charge you can add a military slogan onto the left sleeve, i.e. “Army Strong” and/or other embroidered options.

For our “Military active, inactive, veterans, etc.” customers we wanted to offer for a small fee the option to embroidery onto the shirt(s) their awarded service and/or campaign ribbons. Located on a separate page within this site is a list of the ribbons approved by The Institute Of Heraldry (TIOH) for us to reproduce. provides a unique opportunity for not only the active service customers but also the veteran as well. Now both are once again linked in a common way.

Business Plan

Phase I of our business plan focuses on embroidery that reproduces the image of the branch service symbols associated with either the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines Corps or Coast Guard. In addition for our military customers the option to embroidery-approved service and/or campaign ribbons.

The concept of our unique polo shirt style evolved from a failed to locate online an existing company that offered the new embroidered Air Force Winged symbol along with my service and campaign ribbons.


Shadow Wind Enterprises, Inc, (SWE, Inc.) is owned and operated by a USAF/U.S. Air National Guard (1967-1972) veteran. Every effort will be used to select firms and companies that are owned, operated and/or staffed by veterans.


SWE, Inc. is licensed with both the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army to reproduce their registered service symbols. The Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard also approved SWE, Inc. to reproduce their individual service symbols.

Stolen Valor: In July of 2005, Congressman Salazar introduced HR 3352 - the Stolen Valor Act. HR3352 expanded federal law enforcement's ability to prosecute individuals who claim to have received military medals they did not earn. On December 6, 2006 the U.S. Senate signed into law Title 18 section 704, Military medals or decorations. For details see:

SWE, Inc./ is committed to “Honoring those that served”. Any and everyone can purchase one or more of our shirts without service and/or campaign ribbons. Only active, inactive, retired, National Guard and Military Reservist can purchase one or more of our shirts that include their service and/or campaign ribbons without violating the Stolen Valor Act (HR3323). Accountability to police HR3352 rest within a special FBI fraud unit.

Warning! Anyone wearing a shirt, a cap, etc. with US Military service and/or campaign ribbons that the wearer was not awarded by the US Military is in violation of the Stolen Valor Act, Title 18 Section 704.

Quality Control & Guarantee Statement

Quality control standards and expectations are in place beginning at our web site through our check out to the manufacture and finally to our preferred shipping carrier. Should a mistake and/or an error occur on our part please contact us via our Contact Us Page or by phone at 1-888-682-2522 to give us the opportunity to correct the problem, save a valued customer and maintain our high standard of customer satisfaction.


  • All Products are priced in US Dollars
  • Initial retail purchase is required and used for all “Promotion Code” discount(s) and/or offers. Separate processing and handling charges may apply at check out. Orders requesting express shipping will result in an additional processing and handling charge. We will collect appropriate sales tax on all sales shipped to a Virginia address. Any purchaser(s) requiring tax exemption transaction must first supply their tax-exempt form by faxing our Customer Service Department (1-540-337-8525). Bonus gifts or offers are excluded from any shipping discounts.
  • Use of “ship to USPS P.O BOXES” is prohibited.
  • The use of all military APO & MPO addresses is acceptable.
  • All products sold on this web site are for private use only and not intended or implied that any of our products is to replace or substitute any official regular military uniform article.

You will receive a confirmation email along with the shipping tracking information when your order is now complete. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact or customer service department via our below email address or at the below numbers.

Charges on your credit card for the order total will be listed as: MILITARYPOLOSHIRTS


Email any web site issues, suggestions, etc. regarding our web site, products, etc. to


J. W. Stephenson
CEO / Owner SWE, Inc..


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